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Cat Litter Box Pet Large Enclosed Toilet

1. Material: PP2. Large space design, deodorant and anti-splashing3. Can carry cats up to 30 pounds4. Installation steps: insert the

Cat Litter Box Semi-closed Square Feces Basin Pet Toilet

1. Material: PP2. The separation design is easy to clean and reduces the growth of bacteria3. Large circulation space4. Capacity:

Fully Enclosed Drawer Type Cat Litter Box Pet Toilet with Shovel

1. Material: ABS2. Drawer-type double-door cat litter box, suitable for 20 grams catties3. Stable load-bearing, not easy to deform4. Closed

Open Type Pet Dog Toilet Potty Pet Supplies

1. Material: PP2. Increase the space, splash-proof groove3. 2.7cm grid heightening design4. Free disassembly, easy to clean5. Detachable uprights are

Pet Supplies Semi-Enclosed Detachable Splash-Proof Litter Box Cat Toilet with Cat Litter Scoop

1. Material: PP2. Weight: about 340 grams3. Size: about 41x25x9 cm4. Applicable object: cat5. Features: unique shape, beautiful and practical,