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2-In-1 500m Electric Dog Fence & Remote Training Collar Adjustable Vibration & Shock

1. Real wireless remote control electronic fence;2. Large remote control distance. With the transmitter as the center, the maximum remote

Automatic Waterproof Bark Stopper Defense Misconduct High Sensitivity Pet Trainer

1. Material: ABS2. Power source: USB charging3. Built-in battery: 300 mAh lithium battery4. Waterproof, can swim in the water5. Small,

Dog Barking Stopper Sound Vibration Anti-Barking Electric Shock Collar EU Plug

1. Product function: sound + vibration + electric shock2. Product principle: When the barking frequency reaches a certain value, it

Pet Electronic Fence Pet Control Protective Fence

1. Invisible environmental protection: the wires are buried underground, do not occupy space, do not affect the appearance, give the

Pet Products Ultrasonic Bark Stopper Dog Trainer Indoor And Outdoor Dog Repeller

1. Material: ABS2. With wall hole3. Use a 9v alkaline battery (not included)4. The battery level and whether the product

Rechargeable Waterproof Intelligent Identification Automatic Lock Bark Stop

1. Material: ABS+nylon webbing2. Function: collar, dog training device, barking control device3. Power source: USB power supply/built-in battery power supply4.

Red Twill Jute Training Dog Bite Sleeve Open Sleeve Protector Pet Products

1. Material: jute2. Weight: about 650 grams3. Size: about 45x25x10 cm4. Purpose: used to train medium-sized puppies, such as sheepdogs,

Smart Automatic Wireless Fence Remote Control Electronic Dog Trainer Collar

1. Applicable object: dogs2. Receiver rechargeable lithium battery: 400mAh3. The transmitter and receiver do not need to use the code

Touch Bark Stop Dog Training Device Anti-dog Barking Pet Supplies

1. Working voltage: 3.7V2. Sleep current: 20uA, standby current: 300uA3. Battery capacity: 300mAh4. Rated input: DC5V / 1A5. Waterproof rating:

Ultrasonic Automatic Dog Barking Device Handheld Dog Training Device Dog Repellent

1. In view of the problem that dogs will adapt to ultrasonic frequency, the ultrasonic frequency conversion gear has been

Ultrasonic Pet Trainer Handheld Sonic Dog Repeller Portable Electronic Dog Trainer

1. In view of the problem that dogs will adapt to ultrasonic frequency, the ultrasonic frequency conversion gear has been

USB Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Bark Collar With Vibration And Beep

1. Function: ultrasonic + electric shock + sensitivity adjustment2. Press for 0.5 seconds to turn on, long press to turn