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Banana Printed Dog Physiological Pants Comfortable Breathable Strap Pet Physiological Pants

1. Material: cotton2. Applicable gender: mother3. Application: small and medium pets4. Strap style to prevent slipping5. Built-in mesh, can pad

Male Dog Special Courtesy Belt Pet Physiological Pants

1. Product material: double-sided waterproof cloth, washing cotton, absorbent cloth2. Use comfortable double-sided waterproof fabric, anti-penetration and water-proof3. There is

Pet Physiological Pants Large Medium & Small Dogs Anti-Harassment Safety Pants

1. Material: cotton2. The fabric is light and thin, not sultry in summer3. Elastic tail hole, not bound4. Prevent soiling

Pet Physiological Pants Pet Waterproof Panties

1. Product material: Mitong breathable cotton cloth, absorbent cotton, waterproof face cloth2. Built-in absorbent cotton, anti-drip3. Rubber bands on both